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Your little one is probably an expert at keeping your heart and hands full, which is why we created the perfect, hands-free pump to fit busy everydays. Waving goodbye to the restrictions that come with traditional pumps, ours is hospital-grade, lightweight, comfortable and most importantly – completely hassle, spill and hands-free!

How does it work?
To offer you a smart solution, we made sure that everything works inside this compact, quiet pump, so you have no cords or oversized bottles to worry about, plus you can take the pump everywhere with you. For optimal comfort and maintaining ideal milk supply, the pump also features multiple suction levels (including a massaging function), that mirror the way your growing bub usually feeds. The best part? It’s incredibly quiet and recharges in just 2.5 hours, so you can pump whenever and wherever, without interrupting your daily routine.

The details:
⋒ Available in two sizes and three shades
⋒ Hands-free, cordless design
⋒ Ultra lightweight and quiet for portability
⋒ Multiple suction modes for comfort and increasing supply
⋒ BPA-free, hygienic design that keeps breastmilk fresh
⋒ Anti-leak collection cup included
⋒ Only 2.5 hours full charge time
⋒ Ideal for using up to 70 minutes without charging
⋒ Fitted with a large, 180ml milk cup

You’ll receive…
⋒ Breast shield
⋒ Linker
⋒ Silicone diaphragm
⋒ Milk cup
⋒ Pump motor
⋒ USB charging cable (5W power adapter required)
⋒ Valve
⋒ Two bra adjusters

Ready to replace the overly complicated, expensive pumps with an innovative, simple solution? Save time and money with our all-in-one pump, with free shipping to make your life even easier :)

"Buy less, choose well, make it last." - Vivienne Westwood
While all our Wolfie garments are made with high quality materials, it is so important to care for them properly to ensure maximum use and keep these items soft for your bub's sensitive skin.
We recommend a gentle cold machine wash with similar colours. Use natural detergents if possible. Line or lay flat to dry, please avoid direct sunlight as this may cause discolouration.
Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry. 
*Please note, Wolfie items do not come with a care instructions tag in our bid to reduce materials and also limit wear against your bub's sensitive skin. Please use the instructions below specific to material of garment.*