About Wolfie.

About Wolfie.

Wolfie Kids is a boutique brand founded in 2019 by an Australian brother-sister duo with a clear vision: to inspire the future and bring you carefully curated, quality pieces both you and your little one will love for years to come. 

From offices all around Australia and overseas, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated International collective who work tirelessly to ensure the best experience in all facets of the business. 

Meet the Team: 

Izzak - Co-Founder - Brand Visionary & Marketing Director
- pictured with Godson Nathan

Jasmine- Co-Founder, Product Designer
- pictured with Daughter Winter Oak

Nilmer- Website Developer & Backend Fulfilment 
- pictured with son Nathan 

Sheryl- Head of Customer Service,
- pictured with Daughter Valarie & Husband Valentin

“We really enjoy working at Wolfie, as we love the nature of work 😍 Wolfie has helped me alot on every aspects of my life, especially in career advancement & development.”

Gilda- Brand Partnerships & Ambassador Development
- pictured with daughter Ashley and Husband Emmon

MJ - Mission Trip Co-ordinator
- pictured with son Brielle and husband Bonifacio

“Wolfie kids helped us not just financially but they helped us also how to enjoy and spend our time with our loved ones. They help us to grow and appreciate our babies.”