About Wolfie.

Get to know Wolfie

Our Work Environment

The Wolfie family is a small, international team. As fellow mums and creatives, we understand the value of kids’ clothing and work hard to bring carefully curated pieces both you and your little one will love. We are based in Australia, with some of our team members working from their home-offices from all around the world.


Our Fabrics

It is incredibly important for us to keep little ones comfortable at all times with cosy silhouettes and materials that are gentle and ethical. Most of our designs were made from soft cotton and linen, with a stretchy finishing touch (because it’s crazy how quickly our sweethearts can grow!). As we understand how sensitive and delicate skin can be at a younger age, we strive to only work with naturally soft materials that won’t cause any irritation. While some of our everyday design have a slightly bit more structure with a linen or corduroy fabric, our pyjamas are made more lightweight and softer for sweet dreams.


Our Details

From our eco-friendly, recycled packaging to offering green shipping methods, every detail shows our care towards the customer and environment. We try to cut out plastic as much as possible from the Wolfie Kids brand, which is why we introduced a soft, reusable cotton bag that you can use long after unwrapping your new pieces.


The Future For Wolfie Kids

We understand the importance of sustainability and hope to make Wolfie Kids an even kinder brand in the future. Within the next five years, we are hoping to allocate more sustainable sources for fabrics, purely work with organic and recycled fabrics, cut out any percentage of polyester from our designs and collaborate with independent artists on designs.