Our fabrics

Our brand is diverse, with designs for sun-seekers, nature lovers, lounge lovers all combined with effortlessly elegant shapes and contemporary prints. From slow Sundays by the beach to cuddling up on the couch to a favourite Disney movie, Wolfie Kids’s collections are made for making memories in. It is incredibly important for us to keep your little ones comfortable at all times with cosy silhouettes and materials that are gentle and ethical. Majority of our designs are made from soft cotton and linen, with a stretchy finishing touch (because we know how fast our sweethearts can grow!). We also understand how sensitive and delicate skin can be at a younger age, and so we strive to only work with naturally soft materials that won’t cause any irritation. While some of our everyday design have a slightly bit more structure with a linen or corduroy fabric, our pyjamas are made more lightweight and softer for sweet dreams.