The Ultimate Baby Soother

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Currently taking social media by storm as the ULTIMATE baby sleep hack! Here’s a MUST HAVE baby product for 2022!

Featured in Vogue 2022

Sooth your baby to sleep within minutes with this hands off baby product! No more sitting there for hours patting your little love to sleep or hurting your back while rocking back and forth.

New parents spend an unconscionable amount of time patting, shushing, bouncing, and just generally doing whatever it is they can think of to try and soothe their baby. If you've a parent you know how incredibly draining it can be to lean over the side of a crib to deliver those relentless pats, trying to slow down the pats so your baby doesn't notice and you can sneak out, but this new fish-shaped contraption might just save your body from hours of agony (and free up your time!).

Parents have put their heads together to identify the single most useful baby soothing technique: gentle pats.

Introducing the ULTIMATE BABY SOOTHER. Basically, it's a plush fish that moves rhythmically to allow the tail to deliver a soft pat to your baby's body. The movement looks much like a real fish flopping about when it's out of water, but that motion mimics a calming pat from a caregiver, which can help exhausted parents soothe their baby without lifting a single finger.

Watch how quickly your little one dozes off to sleep with the Baby Soother’s gentle flapping motion on your little one’s bottom, back or wherever they enjoy being tapped.


- Electric Flopping Motion: With USB charging cable
- Convenient to charge and save power, it can automatically shut off if long time no touch, it's the best birthday or festival gifts for your 
-Safe, Durable Material: Made of baby-friendly cotton and short plush, soft and comfortable, non toxic and safe. Perfect for biting, chewing and kicking. 
- Detachable and Washable: Zipper design at fish belly, bag and electric device, and easily clean the plush fish body.

    "Buy less, choose well, make it last." - Vivienne Westwood
    While all our Wolfie garments are made with high quality materials, it is so important to care for them properly to ensure maximum use and keep these items soft for your bub's sensitive skin.
    We recommend a gentle cold machine wash with similar colours. Use natural detergents if possible. Line or lay flat to dry, please avoid direct sunlight as this may cause discolouration.
    Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry. 
    *Please note, Wolfie items do not come with a care instructions tag in our bid to reduce materials and also limit wear against your bub's sensitive skin. Please use the instructions below specific to material of garment.*