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Author of Hey Little Dreamer - Jazzi Morris

The journey of Hey Little Dreamer began when I welcomed my beautiful baby girl Winter Oak earth side earlier this year.

During my pregnancy when I was asked what gift I would like for the baby, I always asked for a book with a little inscription on the first page of who it was from. I envisioned myself reading to my baby and teaching them about the person who had gifted them the book as most of my family live far away. This is now one of my favourite activities to do with Winnie, and soon I realised how important this new tradition has become.

As a mother, you want to do anything to make your kids proud  I had a vision to write Winnie a book of my own so that she could one day be able to say “this is my Mummy’s book”. I'm really proud of myself for making my vision come to life!

I wanted to write a book filled with powerful affirmations and illustrations to make her and the future generation realise just how important they are and will be. With an aesthetic touch I think this book captures an empowering message that kids and parents will love.

Before Winnie was born, I worked as a nanny for 7 years for 10 different families for over 20 different kids, working and entertaining children has always been my passion. Over time I have read kids a lot of bright beautiful coloured books, and while they are all amazing and eye-catching for kids I wanted to create something a little more aesthetic with neutral tones that not only will look beautiful featured in a nursery but also spread a powerful and important message throughout and something that the parents will love too.

Teaching our kids to repeat affirmations to themselves each day can start the day off on a positive note, as well as making them realise what they are really capable of as well as teaching them self love. Plus it's a fun game choosing what affirmation they want to say/try for the day.

Our kids are the future and making them realise how much they can make a change as well as their beauty and importance is a really good lesson to teach early on and I think this book captures that perfectly. When Winter is old enough I would love for her to repeat these powerful affirmations to herself each morning, I hope your kids can do the same!

I hope you and your family enjoy Hey Little Dreamer as much as I did writing it and that it spreads self love and gratitude throughout the whole household.

Jazzi xx