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Starting Solids & the Importance of Infant Nutrition with Bébé Batch

For many, the journey into starting solids can be a daunting one! Add unsolicited advice from others and outdated recommendations on what first foods should really can be a recipe for disaster! 
But don't fear - as all babies develop at different rates, the same goes for starting solids. By observing your bébés developmental signs of readiness is the most important. 
The developmental signs of readiness indicative of your bébé being ready to start solids will include: 

- Sitting up unassisted (This sign is essential, the digestive system is made up of muscles, which aid in moving food to the digestive tract. When a bébé can sit unassisted is indicative of their digestive system muscles strong enough to process food.

 - Developing pincer grip (thumb and forefinger starting to be able to grip - this however can take some time)

 - Your bébé is showing an interest in foods you are eating

 Bébé no longer has a tongue thrust reflex.


"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"


Upon the journey into solids, there are a number of nutrients required for your bébé's optimal development and growth. As parents and caregivers, it is up to us to support this development and provide these nutrients throughout their solids journey.

**Current guidelines recommend solids begin at 6 months of age, but not before 4 months of age, with exclusive (no other food or drink) breastmilk or formula given until such time. This guideline has been set at 6 months because this is when MOST babies would meet the signs of readiness. However, some babies may reach them a little earlier around 4.5-5 months, and some a little later, around 7 months.**

Enjoy this milestone x

- Jordan Guest | Founder Bébé Batch