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Thinking about brand collaborations, even with a small following?

Our last blog discussed how to improve the quality of your feed, so now the next step is to collaborate with brands! Here are some tips by Jasmine Yoong on collaborating with brands even with a small following. 

Quality over Quantity

Do you find yourself saying, “I don’t have enough of a following, so I can’t collaborate yet…”? Let me tell you right now, STOP FOCUSING ON YOUR FOLLOWER COUNT RIGHT NOW.

Brands are looking for two kinds of creators, the creator that has tens of thousands of people to reach out to who can promote their product. Then they are looking also for skilled creators, creators who have the ability to produce ad quality content that is shareable. That is why I say quality over quantity!

Especially when you are venturing out into the content creating/influencing world, everyone has to start somewhere. By saying that you don’t have enough of a following to begin making some income, you are limiting yourself! You aren’t beginning! You don’t have to hit a certain mark before you can collaborate and make an income.

You just need to start.

Engagement pods?

Engagement pods can be a slippery slope, but they can be a good starting point! You can create a group of people to chat with, to support you and assist each other with content creation ideas and how to grow organically. But DO NOT RELY SOLELY ON ENGAGEMENT PODS for your engagement. Brands will know and steer clear of your account if you are found utilising engagement pods for your content interactions. Focus on creating content that attracts people and once you grow organically, you reach people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer and create your little #instamumtribe.

Getting noticed

When you make a post, consider what brands you want to work with. What brands can you feature in your post? Anytime you make a post about a product, tag the brand! MAKE SURE that you’re putting your best foot forward, capture the brand’s attention! When they see a good quality photo, they may click on your profile to see your other images and the quality of your feed. Then they may want to collaborate, and have you create content for them!

Most brands love to repost because they are getting exposure and content for free. Continue to build that brand rep and get featured on multiple pages. Because brands know brands who know brands! It will eventually lead to a paid gig.

Are you ready to reach out and collaborate?

You never know until you try!

BUT do not just reach out to everyone and anyone, you want to only reach out to brands you genuinely love and want to work with. Because only then you can think of creative ideas to create content for them, and you will be passionate about it. If you genuinely love the brand, you don’t really have to work hard to sell it as you already use it and love it.

Everyone loves authenticity, and so do brands! They aren’t looking to hand out freebies if it’s not going to benefit their brand. Think of what you can offer to them, because at the end of the day… they are a business. They need a return. That return is good quality content from you that they can use for their page to feature.

At the end of the day, the takeaway I want you guys to understand is… THINK OF WHAT YOU CAN OFFER! Ensure you are providing value in the work that you do, providing value will get you value and return.

Follow Jasmine on her main IG page where she focuses on creating content to help other mum’s better their Instagram content to hopefully land collaborations with brands too. 

If you ever have any specific questions about brand collaborations, you can message, OR @threelittlepeople_. 

With love, 

Wolfie Kids xx